Class Attendance Enhancement V2_1

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PS 7.2. Download link has been removed until a updated version is available.

The pages included in this package improve upon the class attendance page modified by Jason Treadwell, Tim Scoff and Roger Sprik to allow Teachers to enter meeting attendance comments for Students. New in v2: Adds Student Photos and Alerts

When Teachers go to take attendance they will notice 2 submit buttons. Submit and Submit w/ Comments. Here is how it works;

Field Validator

PowerSchool 7.2 now includes Data Validation for the Students/Teachers tables.

State reporting needs, among others, are rising. With them is an increased need for schools to rely on multiple sources of input for that state reporting. Problem is the more people who are involved in inputting the data the bigger the chance that things are going to get entered incorrectly. Pearson is starting to make things a little easier but its not quite enough yet. So we created a script you can use (and expand) to make things a little easier.

Daily Attendance View v1.1

A set of pages targeted to Admin’s and Teachers. Provides a “Daily Attendance” link when logged into a school who uses Daily Attendance. Will list all the students in the school who are absent and their bridge period comment if one exists. The Admin version has a link to identify who hasn’t taken attendance yet. The Teacher version includes a “My Schedule” link that lets the Teacher see their matrix schedule.

Version 1
Initial Release

Would you rather build a report in Report Works or a custom screen?

Report Works is easier for me
15% (10 votes)
I can get more done customizing
80% (53 votes)
Um... What?
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 66

On the Road 2012

As prominent members of the PowerSchool community the users that contribute to PDS almost always seem to be somewhere. Below are a list of upcoming events and who you might be able to catch up with;

March 5th-8th PSU Orlando. Jason Treadwell

March 19th-21st Western NY Sys Admin Training. Jason Treadwell

April 2nd-4th Kansas PSUG. Jason Treadwell, Brian Andle
More info @

How to install a customization from PDS

Install Instructions - Custom Page Management:

To upload an entire zip you’ll have to be on PowerSchool 7. Then the steps are as follows:

Scores Page Standards with Weighting

This customization is not compatible with PowerSchool 10.0/PowerTeacher Pro sections.

Removal - Delete the customized versions of:

PS 7 Edit Bulletin Enhancement

This customization modifies the Edit Bulletin page in PS 7 to alert you of the audience that the bulletin will be published too. The customization will also default the default audience to Teachers instead of Public.

Student Stats V 3.1

A set of pages that allow Admin and Teachers to see graphically how the student is doing compared to the rest of the class or to course.

The 1st graph shows (Only applies/shows in schools using daily attendance) is a pie chart of the selected students daily attendance, the chart will show Present, Absent and Tardy totals, based on your attendance code setup.

The 2nd graph shows the current (not stored) students grades using current term display and the corresponding classes’ averages. The graph will only show classes that are set to be stored.

Auto Assign Teacher ID

When creating new staff in PowerSchool you are required to assign an ID number. The included replacement page will auto assign a number based ID. The page uses SQL to determine what the next valid id number should be.
Version History:

V 1.0 (04/6/2009)
• Initial release

V 1.0.1 (04/30/2009)
• Fixed issue where on Submitting a new teacher, a “No ID number assigned” error would occur

V 2.0 (8/16/2011)
- Updated for PS 7
- CPM Import friendly


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