On the Road 2012

As prominent members of the PowerSchool community the users that contribute to PDS almost always seem to be somewhere. Below are a list of upcoming events and who you might be able to catch up with;

March 5th-8th PSU Orlando. Jason Treadwell

March 19th-21st Western NY Sys Admin Training. Jason Treadwell

April 2nd-4th Kansas PSUG. Jason Treadwell, Brian Andle
More info @ www.kspsug.org/2012/01/02/users-group-11th-annual-conference/

April 11th-13th Asia PSUG @ Shanghai American School.

April 10th-12th Virginia PSUG. Jason Treadwell
More info @ https://sites.google.com/a/waynesboro.k12.va.us/vapsug-conference/

April 13 the ND Association of Tech Leaders is having their spring Face 2 Face conference.

April 17th-18th Ohio PSUG. Jason Treadwell
More info @ http://www.psugoh.org/

April 25th Nebraska PSUG. Jason Treadwell
More info @ https://sites.google.com/site/nebpsug/

June 13th-14th Indiana PSUG. Jason Treadwell
More info @ http://ipsug.tsc.k12.in.us/

June 24th-28th PSU St. Louis
More info @ https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com/psu/main.action

July 8th-12th PSU Anaheim. Brian Andle
More info @ https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com/psu/main.action

July 22nd-26th PSU Washington
More info @ https://powersource.pearsonschoolsystems.com/psu/main.action

July 22nd-26th PSUG-Vegas. Jason Treadwell, Brian Andle, Roger Sprik
More info @ http://psugmi.com/2012-national.html


I added some more conferences to Brian's list. If you have any other conferences you'd like to add please email us at info@powerdatasolution.org and one of us will add it to the list. There will be a more permanent place for conferences in the future.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

I am using some of your grading reports - Low grades and one called current grades. I am wondering whether there is a way in PS to track who has run these reports and when they were run?

There is not a way to track when a report is run because they are all web based reports.

Hi All,

Does anyone have a custom registration page that can share with me?

Does anyone have a report showing students currently failing a course and the last time the grade was updated? Currently I'm using "search by grades and attendance" and can pull all students failing. I just want to add the last time the grade was updated without going into each student. Any help is appreciated.

Michelle Krecklow

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