Student Stats V 3.1

A set of pages that allow Admin and Teachers to see graphically how the student is doing compared to the rest of the class or to course.

The 1st graph shows (Only applies/shows in schools using daily attendance) is a pie chart of the selected students daily attendance, the chart will show Present, Absent and Tardy totals, based on your attendance code setup.

The 2nd graph shows the current (not stored) students grades using current term display and the corresponding classes’ averages. The graph will only show classes that are set to be stored.

The 3rd graph shows the current (not stored) students grades using current term display and the corresponding course averages. The graph will only show classes that are set to be stored.

The 4th item (admin only) shows the last time the students classes grades where modified. Only shows classes that are stored.

CPM Import Friendly

V 3
Updated for PS 7

V 3.1 (3/8/2012)
Now runs from District Office

V 3.2 (3/8/2012)
Switched from Fusion Charts to HighCharts which 100% JavaScript based and is free for Non Profits.
Fixes various issues related to switching students.
Due to the new JavaScript library, if you are using a image server you will need to add the scripts folder to your image server.

This customization uses Highcharts JavaScript package from Highsoft software is free for non-commercial use. Highcharts is licensed under the Creative Commons License. For a plain English explanation of what this means click here:


Brian Andle
Manjit Basra
CPM Import Friendly: 


I installed this set on my test box of 7. Picked a student, clicked on the Student Stats tab; come up with No Data to Display. Are there any other settings that I am missing? Thanks

Fixed in v3.1 where the dashboards wouldn't work from District Office.

I see the following when I pick a student from the District Office:

"This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below".

And a bunch of codes appear at the bottom. I am on Fire Fox, is this browser dependent?

<graph caption="Current Grade Placement for Term Q1" yaxisname="" xaxisname="" decimalPrecision="2" formatNumberScale="0" canvasBorderThickness="1" animation="0" rotatenames="1"><categories><category name="AVID 12"/><category name="Business Organization/Management"/><category name="Economics (12)"/><category name="English IV Honors"/><category name="Forensics (11,12)"/><category name="Intro To Computer Science "/>

Move to a different screen then go back the student stats page.

Cannot navigate back to the QuickLookup tab after the Student stats tab is displayed. Links back to the Student Stats page. Any changes I need to make on the html? Thanks

Should be fixed in v3.1. This issue was fixed in a earlier version, but it wasn't indicated by a version number so you might have had a older version.

We have 4 charter schools. We have been in declining enrollment for some time now because we are loosing our student population to Charter Schools. I have been playing in DDA trying to pull out current students through the re-enrollments table. But I need drill down specific information.

What is being requested is:
1. How many students did we loose to those schools per year
2. How many of the students that went to those schools return back to our schools.
3. And the Students ADA at prior school and the current school.

Would you be tracking those students through the exit code? How will you know if you lost them to a charter school or not? You can email me off list.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

These are students who are currently in our District and the schools are in our Powerschool Database. I guess maybe by re enrollments schoolid?

These are students that go from school a to school b within our district. Those that make sense??

Thanks. Did that, it worked.

Also Brian... I have the Analytics tab on the Quick lookup, so when I click on the Analytics tab, the Student Stat tab goes away. It does show up when I go to a different tab.

I won't touch the Inform/Analytic page because I have no way of testing it.


Got it to work... thanks

When on Student Stats page and using the arrow List navigation on left, get "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below" error on next student. Happens at school level and district. Clicking on QuickLookup and then clicking Student Stats clears error. Also happens if choosing another student from start page and Student Stats page was last page chosen. Version 3.1

Patti Myers
Sr. Student Information Systems Specialist
West Shore School District

Installed Version 3.2 on my test box. I don't see any charts either from District Office or from a School. I don't have a image server, so moved the Scripts to the /scripts folder.

On the teacher side, I don't see the student stats tab when I bring up the student for the first time. However, when I click on any other tab, the Student Stats tab shows up, with no charts.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot!!


I have tested this on both my test server (non image server) and productions (image server) on both FireFox and Internet Explorer and all the charts function correctly. Please try reinstalling all the files included.

All is well now, I had put the files in the wrong folder. Another thing that I needed to do was do the Special Operation, Rebuild Custom Page Links as I had included another page on the drop down on the teacher portal. Thank you very much!!!!

I see the other three though.

Kathy Romeyn
Byron Center Public Schools

The chart will not show for schools not using daily attendance.

I was able to access the student stats tab on the admin side. I cannot see the first chart and we do use daily attendance. Also, can the teachers access the student stats page? How?

The Teachers can see the page by going to PT->Backpack->Quick Lookup then Student Stats.

Can you try a different school that is using Daily Attendance? If Daily Attendance is selected under PS->School->Attendance Pref then the chart should show.

These look really good. I've downloaded them, but I'm not sure where I put them. Student pages? I'm sure I'm missing something, and I'm still fairly new at this.


The files go in the same folder structure as wen the zip is unzipped. You can learn more here:

Installed it on our system and it works great with the high school but with the middle school, nothing shows up in the graphs, which still says 1st quarter (we're in 3rd now). The grade schools show attendance but its not calculating correctly and the graphs are of 1st quarter. Is there anything i need to adjust to remedy?

The charts use the bin defined in School->Current Grade Display. Maybe this hasn't been changed since Q1?

Wow, cant believe I missed that, thanks for pointing that out. All grades are looking good for each building but attendance is still not right.

The graph is based off the number of daily attendance records. So if you are doing meeting attendance as well it's using the bridge periods data.

I loaded all the files onto my test server and everything works fine. This server is identical to my live server, but when I moved them over, I now don't see any graphs, and firebug says:
Highcharts is not defined
sectionGrades = new Highcharts.Chart({

I have recopied over the files a few times now and still cannot get the charts to load.

How can I fix this?

Justina Law
SIS Learning Specialist
Rocky View Schools

I copied all the files onto my test server and everything worked really well. I have now copied them over to my live server (identical to test server) and the charts do not show up. Firebug says:
Highcharts is not defined
sectionGrades = new Highcharts.Chart({

I have tried recopying the files over a few times. What else do I need to do?

Justina Law
SIS Learning Specialist
Rocky View Schools

Did you copy the scripts to your image server as well if you have one?

Hi Brian,
We do not have an image server.

Justina Law
SIS Learning Specialist
Rocky View Schools

Looking at your PowerSchool site you are using a image server so the scripts folder will need to be copied to the image server as well.

Thanks Brian, all of my customizations are now working. We are wondering, however, if there is an easy way to see which server I am making changes to, as it took quite a long time to find the files to copy them to the image server.

Justina Law
SIS Learning Specialist
Rocky View Schools

This customization is amazing. Would it be possible to use this code to show bell curve grade chart per course or section?

I am on version 7.8.0 and the Charts are not appearing. Is anyone else experiencing this issue on this PS version?

Not seeing the charts anymore either on 7.8

Patti Myers
Sr. Student Information Systems Specialist
West Shore School District

Any idea on how to get the charts working. I copied scripts folder and placed in a bunch of different folders but Since I'm on 7.9 I'm sure it is broken.

I assume that the charts are no longer working with 7.8 and up? I am on 7.9, and I have the scripts folder inside images folder, and scripts inside of the scripts folder and nothing appears besides the pages text.

How can I get this functioning normally?

Pretty interesting. This works after going to to get the latest scripts. There was one odd exception to this working: No student currently enrolled in Driver Ed would display data. Go figure!

What other kinds of graphs could be made with this?

Here is what I did to repair the problem. Go to at the top of the screen click the Products tab, and click HighCharts. You will see a green download tab. When you extract that folder,you will have a sub folder called JS. I renamed that folder to Highcharts, and dropped it into the scripts folder in the Custom/Web_root side.

From there, you will need to open the stustats.html page on the admin & teacher side. and at the top of the page replace the script src highcharts.js line with

This should fix it.


Any chance this will be updated to work in 8.2.1?

I did what mschreiber said to do and I still can't see the charts. Can someone tell me how to fix it?

Correction: I see the charts but they are blank. When I hover over them, Student Score and Section averages pop up...

Did you replace the code at the top w /

This site is being ridiculous,not allowing me to post excerpts of my code email me at and I can help you

When posting scripts in this forum, be sure to change the text format under the comment box to PLAIN TEXT, otherwise the page is trying to render your script code within the forum comment.

This is the message I receive when trying to install this plugin - Plugin file contains an unrecognized file: admin/students/quicklookup.html

Donna Mayhue
Buncombe County Schools

I am getting this same error, did you ever hear anything back?


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