Would you rather build a report in Report Works or a custom screen?

Report Works is easier for me
15% (10 votes)
I can get more done customizing
80% (53 votes)
Um... What?
5% (3 votes)
Total votes: 66


The first person/company who can convert all the Report Works templates into customizations! You kind of cannabalize Report Works though...

Rob Whittaker
IT Software/Hardware Coordinator

K. International School Tokyo

Do you mean make them just as flexible as the templates too? So the end user could just move things where they want them? Or are you thinking just a straight up copy of the template and changing it means customizing it?

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

What would be great is if you had a browser based tool that connects to your PS install, populates with your data fields and allows you to create customizations on the fly with editors for Javascript, xml and tsql in a single screen and runs them all together like what you can do with excel and pivot tables.

Both of your suggestions are good as long as you could move things around easily on the screen where you want them would be best, the more freedom to easily manipulate your data is key. If you could Drupalize PS with dragging custom fields about, panels, theming etc would be nice, global role management to allow you to show/hide menu items based on a user's role too. (oh yeah and the frames on the student info page, another post...)

In order to get say a District Enrollment Summary, ideally I should not have to run a report to access the same data I can see in the browser. I think Reports Works should only be used to print out data but that it customizable these days...

Rob Whittaker
IT Software/Hardware Coordinator

K. International School Tokyo

1. The only way to get to all of the tables.
2. Can use SQL to get exactly what I want.
3. Flexible output : HTML for an on screen list, or PDF, or as a delimited file.

Dennis Eggers
Powerschool evangelist

I can't speak for the future of ReportWorks to know if that will change. If SQL queries were allowed in ReportWorks, watch out. The other issue that probably it needs to face is where its output can go and in what format. Since there are drop-downs on the Publish page for those options, it is assumed there are plans for that, I will watch to see what comes up.

I believe Dennis's response here is backwards. The capability he mentions is only available in custom pages, not ReportWorks.


Steve Deibert
PowerSchool System Administrator
Archdiocese of Seattle PowerSchool Consortium

Actually the capabilities I mentioned are available in the Reporting Engine. RE is the way State Reports are written by Pearson. Report Works is sorely lacking in any useful functionality. No ability to use SQL is it's biggest failure. And the designer is really funky. Not easy to use at all.

I was very dissappointed when PS 7 was released and it didn't make use of any of the Java Open Source reporting systems out there. Personally I prefer Jasper Reports. It has a WYSIWYG designer with a functional SQL builder and drag and drop field objects. Very easy to design reports. Also can create all kinds of charts and graphs.

If Report Works ever has the ability to use SQL to create data objects, then maybe. Right now it's really a waste of time.

Dennis Eggers
Powerschool evangelist

But I'm not savvy enough to create my own. ReportWorks is clunky.

I prefer writing my own SQL. sqlReports has been a great customization. We are new to PowerSchool, so making our own customizations presently requires too steep a learning curve.

I talked with a business analyst at PowerSchool and was told that all state reporting will be going from the Reporting Engine to ReportWorks. Seemed shocking after seeing the preference most everywhere for customizations.

Nick DeMet
Gloucester County Public Schools, VA

Unless they have made some very important changes under the hood, that would make me very sad.

Personally, I would prefer Pearson concentrate on fixing all the current bugs in PS 7 before creating a brand new thread on the self service support portal.

Dennis Eggers
Powerschool evangelist

Many states already use the Report Works engine for state reporting, but you never see that part.

...if I need a formatted paper report, report works. If I need a list, quick aggregate totals, etc.: then it's SQL reports.

Most of the time, though, I can get what I need done much quicker using SQL than report works.

How the data will be consumed really determines what tool I use, though.

Hi! We are new to PowerSchool and are wondering if you have any Standards Based Report Card Templates?

Also any tips on teaching this to our 22 school districts next week?

Did you find any nice Standards Based Report Card templates? If so, I would like to see them too.

Susan Beyerl
SIS Coordinator
Los Lunas Schools
Los Lunas, NM

Honestly, RW is just too clunky and inflexible. They really should just use the Crystal API and embed Crystal Reports' report writer directly into PowerSchool. Problems Solved!

Randy Rowe
Sr. Applications Analyst
Topeka Public Schools

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