How to install a customization from PDS

Install Instructions - Custom Page Management:

To upload an entire zip you’ll have to be on PowerSchool 7. Then the steps are as follows:

Switch to District Office.
Use one of the 2 methods below to get to the import/export screen. I would click the export button on the screen listed below to make a backup of your current customizations so you have a backup copy.
A. PS Administrator->Custom Pages->Import/Export
B. District->Localization Administration->Import/Export Customizations
Export the current customizations as a backup.
After you have done that, click browse and select the PDS (or other customization) zip and then click import.

A few things to note:

• PowerSchool 7 currently has a bug where non text files are NOT uploaded. Because of this you may need to upload some files individually using CPM like images, swf’s and so on.
• Only import customizations using the steps above if the customization indicates that it’s in a CPM import friendly format, otherwise you’ll be deleting files and folders one by one to clean up the Custom folder structure.

Install Instructions - Custom Webroot:
Unzip the downloaded file and place the included files in the same folder structure that exists in the zip in your data\custom\webroot folder.


Hi Brian,
I was trying something you recommended on Powersource ID#1416 which was not a custom install, but simply and update to 2 of the html pages within webroot folders. I tried what you said that you do to make changes to the functions.html and new student.html, but I don't seem to see what is changing as far as the color is concerned. It was an enhancement request that I submitted last year on 4/13/2011, but I never got around to trying your suggestion until this year. Can you please look at this reply you added to this item entitled: "change color for New School Year, Current & Previous Year" which I requested. Or, is it possible to get a custom install file to import instead? We are still on version 6.2.2 Thank you.


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