Auto Assign Teacher ID

When creating new staff in PowerSchool you are required to assign an ID number. The included replacement page will auto assign a number based ID. The page uses SQL to determine what the next valid id number should be.
Version History:

V 1.0 (04/6/2009)
• Initial release

V 1.0.1 (04/30/2009)
• Fixed issue where on Submitting a new teacher, a “No ID number assigned” error would occur

V 2.0 (8/16/2011)
- Updated for PS 7
- CPM Import friendly

V 3.1 (10/28/2013)
- Updated for PS 7.8 (By Jeff Smith)
- I also made the ID Read-Only
- CPM Import friendly
- Fixed Localization error


Brian Andle
Jeff Smith
CPM Import Friendly: 


I need to update the Auto Assign Teacher ID. We are using CPM and I do not have the zip file. I see the PDF but I am not finding the zip file for Auto Assign Teacher ID.

Sorry about that. It's there now.

My first number for new teachers is 10000000. Is there any way to change the original to a more manageable number and where do I make the change in powerschool?

Jeff Turner
IT Director Watertown Public Schools

The page pulls the next number in line. So you have a Teacher with a Teacher Number of 10000000-1.

No teacher number with that ID. Could it be anything else?

Jeff Turner
IT Director Watertown Public Schools

Whats the highest teacher_number in the Teachers table? Mind you this can be inactive or even a admin user.

Since installing this customization, when I click on New Staff, I get the HTTP error... What should I do?

With the changes to how teacher accounts are handled it appears that this page has been changed. Do you have an updated copy of this page for 7.8?

Robin Gage
NW Arctic School District
Kotzebue, Alaska

I have this in the line that on the page that should allow you to determine the type of staff member you are adding. Any thoughts? Its not a deal breaker, just something I would like to clean up.

Thank You, I missed that custom field name. I have fixed with a new minor realease (3.1)


I opened and followed the instruction and add new.html into custom folder under admin/faculty on my testing server. I don't think that I was suppose to add anything into new.html.

I turned off customization and click on new staff and add new id 813100 then save. I turned the customization on and ran New staff again, it is still showing blank on id box... should show automatically with 813101. I don't think that I am missing anything. Let me know what area I should look for.

Ron Bye

Hi all.

This plugin doesn't seem to be working for me when upgrading to the latest version of PowerSchool. As of this writing, the latest version of PowerSchool is 8.0.1.

Rainier Apolonio
I.T. Director
Southlands Schools International

While I can't comment on if it works in 8 as I haven't tried it, I can say that it's not a plugin. So if you are trying to install it as one that might be the problem right there. All the customizations that have been upgraded to be plugins will have say so. If you look where it lists if it works in PS 6 and PS 7 there will be a "Plugin: Y" if it's already a plugin.

Alternately you can search for Plugin from the search bar and it'll bring up only the plugins as we've got them tagged as plugins for easier searching. There is a plugin version of this customization.

If that's not what you meant I apologize.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Hi Jason, you mention that there is a plugin for auto-assigning teacher id. Can you tell me where it is? Thanks,

as of 1/5/2016, on version 9.1.1, this customization does not function.

Do this still works?
Will this look at all schools at one time and assign an ID or will each
school have a separate assigning system?

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