Scores Page Standards with Weighting

This customization is not compatible with PowerSchool 10.0/PowerTeacher Pro sections.

Removal - Delete the customized versions of:

  • \admin\students\scores.html
  • \guardian\scores.html
  • \teachers\studentpages\scores.html

Replacement for the stock scores.html pages in the 3 portals. This page shows Traditional Scores and any Assignment Standards that may be attached if they have scores. Also added Special Weighting to the bottom of the page to reflect how the Teacher is weighting their classes. Parent Pages now included in EPP 3.1.3+.

Brian Andle
CPM Import Friendly: 


Any chance you could post a screen shot or two so I can get a sense of how this looks? Or is there a good trick I can use to look at it before installing?


Alan Bone
Senior Associate Director of IT Product Management
Uncommon Schools

826 Broadway, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10003

You could install just the admin page and look at it then install in the remaining portals.

Thanks so much! Much better than the old one!

Naomi Doughty
SIS Coordinator

Just noticed that when showing dropped classes, only the final grade shows but no assignments.

We are using this customization already. I'm wondering if there is a way to show the standards that are attached to each assignment that have not been marked. Right now you have to mark the standard to get it to show up. Is this something that can be added to the customization?

Kristeen Shabram
Westside Middle School

Is there any way to pull assignment scores that are "linked" to standards, even though the standard isn't scored?

I am using the customization but how do I get the entire standard description to display, it cuts off the description. I looked at the page programming but couldn't figure it out.


First: This is Great!!

What data is the weighting displaying? Any pointers to remove this?

Gil Anspacher, Technology Coordinator & MYP Technology Teacher
Virgin Islands Montessori School & International Academy

I second this question. How can I remove the 'special weighting' display?

yes.. please. would like to remove the weighting. love being able to see the standard for each assignment. thanks

I figured out where to change it.
In the following section I changed e,
to psm_s.description e,

null altcolor,
2 a,
PGA.DATEDUE b, c, csort, d, dsort, e,
null f,
null g,

Thank you for putting this customization together! I have been getting heat from all corners of our school for the QuickLookUp not chowing standard scores attached to assignments. This works perfectly! Thank you!

Have there been any fixes or patches for the issues with the manually scheduling a student in PowerScheduler where the periods do not show?

As a few others have stated this is a fantastic customization. Changed the parent portal grades from confusing to informative!!!!

Phil Bloomstein
Tech Director
International School of Kenya

We are trying to install the plug-in "Scores Page Standards with Weighting" and are getting an error: Plugin file contains an unrecognized file: guardian/scores.html. I am importing the .zip file and cannot find any more info on this error.


Good morning,

I would like to ask your help locating a few lines of codes to customize our students/parents portal. I switched our Middle School Gradebooks to standards this year. I added the Standards tab to the student/parent/guardian portal, but this tab only offers an overall per standard per class. I am now trying to display the standards score per assignment in each class. This way, students and parents will be able to see a small rubric for each assignment showing them how they scored on each standard.

Basically for each assignment, I would like to display an additional column with the list of assessed standards, and another one with the score for each of those standards (our curriculum is MYP so the result would be 1 to 8 for each standard, known as criteria in IB lingo).

My understanding is that I am trying to do exactly what this plugin was doing, but we are running PS v11 and this is plugin is no longer supported.

You can see the result I am looking for in this YouTube video at the 3:30 minute mark.

So far I was able to add the necessary columns and headers by customizing the scores.html page in PS Administrator > Custom Pages > web_root > Guardian.

What we are missing are the codes to display standards per assignment and score of standards per assignment. Would any of you know these codes?

Victor Boulanger
director of learning technology

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