Custom Reports Bundle 3.4.4

Version 4.0 is out and is modular and built for PowerSchool 7.9 and above. If you are looking for the reports bundle go here unless you are on PowerSchool 7.8 or older. This version will remain open only for users who absolutely need these reports and are on an older version of PowerSchool. If you can wait we recommend you do wait and install after upgrading PowerSchool to at least 7.9

3.4.4 (5/8/2013)

  • Various report fixes where current selection is used.

3.4.3 (2/23/2013)

  • Bug Fix: Fixed sqlReports accordion
  • Adjusted reports that use current selection to use method that handles over 1,000 students.

3.4.2 (5/16/2012)

  • New Report: Sub Finder - Find teachers that PowerSchool thinks are free to cover a selected staff member.
  • Bug Fix: Projected Enrollment - Issue where counts were off when viewed from District Office.
  • Bug Fix: Grades Dashboard - Removed extra submit button.
  • New Feature: Consecutive Days - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Attendance Frequency Search - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Student Attendance List - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Exit/Entry Report - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Search Grades & Attendance - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Address Issues - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Phone Number Search - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Birthday List - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Youngest Child - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Student Free - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required
  • New Feature: Bus Search - Added Make/Add Current Students to current selection. PS 7.0.3+ Required

Patch 3.4.1a (4/11/2012)
This patch is just a update to 3.4.1. CRB 3.4.1 must be installed first then this patch on top.

  • New Report: CPM Files/Folders - Lists all the active custom files in Custom Page Management (CPM).
  • Bug Fix: Student Attendance List - Widened the date entry boxes.
  • Bug Fix: Monthly Attendance Review - Changed the date code used in the SQL query.
  • Bug Fix: Projected Enrollment - When run from a school, the school can only see current, outgoing and incoming students.
  • Bug Fix: Log Entry Search - Students without a Discipline_ActionTaken were not listed on the report. This has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Instruction Time - Sections that were not full year were showing higher hours. This has been resolved.

Changes in version 3.4.1 (4/6/2012)

  • Report Update: Phone Number Search updated to look at more stock phone number fields and report format is updated. (doctor_phone, emerg_phone_1, and emerg_phone_2)
  • Performance Fix: Student Attendance List performance should be improved
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Bad Entry Dates. Results will now show.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed Projected Enrollment. Results will now show.
  • Bug Fix: Updated Student Request Letters text wrapping.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where table tools and sorting would not work after running reports.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where popups on Exit/Entry, Consecutive days and Gradebook vs Stored would not work.
  • UI Fix: Updated parameter box to be wider.
  • New Report: Instruction Time. Shows how many hours/minutes a section meets based on the calendar setup.

The Custom Reports Bundle is a collection of custom html reports and dashboards for PowerSchool. The content in this bundle has been contributed by several members of the PowerSchool customization community. The bundle also includes the Custom SQL Reports customization created by Dean Dahlvang.

The 3.x release of the Custom Reports Bundle has many great new features.

  • New PS7 compatible layout on all reports
  • Report data is retrieved with AJAX. No more page refreshes to get results.
  • Most reports are now printable and sortable
  • Some reports are exportable to PDF and CSV
  • Performance improvements to underlying report queries.
  • Improved UI for report parameters

Known Issues:
Several reports are still undergoing a transition to the new layout. As a result some are not working.
Broken Reports

  • Schedule Course Demographics (/admin/reports/schedule/coursedemographics.html)
  • Sections with no room Assigned(/admin/reports/schedule/SectionnoRoom.html)
  • NY State Reports

Install Instructions - Custom Page Management:

To upload an entire zip you’ll have to be on PowerSchool 7. Then the steps are as follows:

Switch to District Office.
Use one of the 2 methods below to get to the import/export screen. I would click the export button on the screen listed below to make a backup of your current customizations so you have a backup copy.
A. PS Administrator->Custom Pages->Import/Export
B. District->Localization Administration->Import/Export Customizations
Export the current customizations as a backup.
After you have done that, click browse and select the PDS (or other customization) zip and then click import.

NOTE - The following steps will need to be done if using CPM, because of a bug in PowerSchool, to enable all the bundle features.
1. In CPM navigate to \scripts\tabletools\ click Add then Create Folder with the name swf, if it doesn't already exist.
2. Upload copy_cvs_xls_pdf.swf and copy_cvs_xls.swf from the \scripts\tabletools\swf folder from the unzipped download.
3. navigate to \images\css\theme\crm-css\ click Add then Create Folder with the name images, if it doesn't already exist.
4. Upload all the files from the \images\css\theme\crm-css\images folder from the unzipped download.

Install Instructions - Custom Webroot:
Unzip the downloaded file and place the included files in the same folder structure that exists in the zip in your data\custom\webroot folder.


Jason Treadwell
Brent Johnson
Brian Andle
Tim Scoff
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik
Michael Moore
Dean Dahlvang
CPM Import Friendly: 


There is still a bug with this report. If you select a beginning date past 11/18 or have an end date within 128 days of the start date, the report takes about 6 minutes to run for 1 student. It's not a database issue as I can run the sql directly in sql developer with no problems. Please take a look at this soon since our attendance folks want to run just 2nd semester dates.

Performance issue noted and tagged in tracking system.

I am looking for a report which returns next year's course requests, along with a signature line for both the parent and student. I have your report bundle customization installed and currently looking at the Student Course Request Report. Great job on developing this by the way. My question for you is this, would the Text Editing Tools on this report be a viable option for inclusion of needed signature lines?


What ever you type in that box before running the report will show on the report. There is no reason I can see that you can't just add a signature line as part of the that.


Thanks for your response. I thought it should, but when I tested this I can't seem to get the text to render. I have tested in IE 9, Firefox 10.0.2, Safari 5.1.2 and Chrome 17.0.963.78 m. By tested, I mean I have ran the report with this in the test editor and then viewed the content in the Print Preview:

Student Signature: ________________ Date: _______________

Student Signature: ________________ Date: _______________

Any additional advice is appreciated.

I believe this issue will be resolved in the next release. If you edit \admin\reports\scheduling\studcoursereq.html and find ~[prefschool:crrept_footer] you can add <pre> before and </pre> after the tag.

I have been away from PDS for awhile. I NEED this report. Can someone tell me how to get it or which bundle it is part of? Thanks!! :)

I am trying to add Home Room to this report. I can get it to work for daily attendance but not meeting. Can you help?

Max Bowie
Data Applications Specialist
Colonial Beach Schools
Colonial Beach, VA

I can not get this report to work with Internet Explorer, it never launches a new tab to display the report. Seems to work fine in Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Is this a known issue? I've tryed enabling pop-ups, etc and it doesn't seem to work. Seems like it's Javascript related to the Submit button. Thanks for your help!


I tried to run this report as well using Internet Explorer, as that is the browser that the majority of our users have installed in our district. When I click the Submit button it appears as if nothing happens, similar to rezendes.j. We are currently running IE 9. Interesting though, I did try using Firefox and the report opens just fine. The report instructions lists that the support browsers for this report are Internet Explorer 6.0+ on Windows and Safari 2.0+ on OS X. However, it is IE that we are having the issue with. Any known solutions out there besides using a different browser?

Thank you!

With the latest update I am unable to see the function buttons at the top of the report when the report has results. When the report has no results, those buttons are available. I've re-imported both the html and the images/scripts to the image server.

Make sure you have installed all the files from the newest version of the bundle as almost every file had a change in it.

Hmm. I've also imported the bundle as-is directly to our single node test server and same issue-no function buttons on a completed report that has results but I can see them fine on a completed report with no results.

See note at the top of the page.

U da man!!

Experiencing the same issues as mentioned that can't see functions on completed reports. If no data they show. Also don't see sorting feature when there is data. I checked the files and find all were installed properly. The SQL reports are showing the function on reports.

Still on 6.2 and using an older version of the reports bundle. One of our schools uses both two-letter attendance codes as well as one-letter attendance codes. When using the Attendance Frequency report, the single-letter codes work as expected. Whenever the two-letter codes are searched, there is no data returned in the report. Is there a quick fix for this?

On my list for when I had time was to try to make a page that does exactly what yours did, and I must say you did it a lot cleaner then I ever did. Couple thought as I start to use it that others may benefit from.
a) Could the name be made into a link to the student's page.
b) Since the number is being compared to the data with the SQL LIKE comparison, allow the _ in the search string so that if there is an illegible characters in the middle of the number it could be searched for, ie. I could search for 555_600 to get 5554600 an 5556600 as some of the results. Would just need to add the _ in the string replace data set.
c) If the EPP is used, there are a lot of additional temporary fields that have "phone" in the name with the demographics change customization. What about having a parameter that can include/exclude the "parent_%" fields in the results. Our thoughts is that a temporary number doesn't necessarily need to be searched until after it's be confirmed and approved.

I am trying to import only the Birthday List report and I got it to work on my test server (single server) by importing the below files that are referenced in the birthdaylist.html file:


But when I did the same on my production server (two server array behind a load balancer) the report will run but it opens in a new page and has no text formatting or background, just a white background with black text. I have triple checked that I imported the same files into the same location as my test server and they are the same. I also tried this with the EntryExitReport and the same thing happens. Can anyone tell me why? Or is there a different way to import single reports from this bundle?

Thank you

The bundle is intended to be installed as a whole and to not be installed piecemeal.

Just loaded the version 3.4.0 and the sort buttons are missing from this report. Anyone else experiencing this?

Make sure that you add the images and scripts folders to your image server as well as the webroot (CPM or File).

i.e., I would like it to also search emerg_phone_1. If so, where would the new html code be inserted?

Kathy Romeyn
Byron Center Public Schools

Looking for that and for emerg_phone_2 as well.

See the reply above as to how to add more fields into the search. I will have to check to see if emerg_phone_2 is a built-in field. If it is then I will update the report to include that field. If it is a custom field than it should already be included in the report.

Michael P. Moore
Student Information System Administrator
South Brunswick Public Schools
South Brunswick, NJ 08852

I will look at adding the following built in fields to the phone number search, as I have reviewed the Data Dictionary Tables document for PowerSchool 7 and have found the following fields not included in the current release of the Phone Number Search:


Michael P. Moore
Student Information System Administrator
South Brunswick Public Schools
South Brunswick, NJ 08852

Yes you can.

If you open the file PhoneNumberSearch.html in a text editor (i.e. NotePad++) with Line Numbers showing, you can modify line 131 and 133.

If the phone number has the word phone in the field name, the field should be included in the search.

What the report is doing is looking for fields that contain the word phone, but excluding fields that may be phone_ext.

If you wanted to include say a field to be search such as office_number, which would not be searched for in the original report, than you could do the following:

This would need to be done in both lines (131 and 133).

( Lower(Trim(ft.NAME)) LIKE '%phone%' OR Lower(Trim(ft.NAME)) = 'office_number' )

OR you could do the following:

BEFORE ) pn ON s.dcid = pn.StudentDCID you would do the following:

SELECT dcid studentDCID, 'office_number' AS field_name, To_Char(ps_customfields.getcf('Students', id, 'office_number') value, REPLACE(TRANSLATE(UPPER(Trim(ps_customfields.getcf('Students', id, 'office_number'))),'0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ,./\!@#$%^\*()__+{}-|?><','0123456789'), ' ', '') value_plain FROM students WHERE enroll_status = 0

Michael P. Moore
Student Information System Administrator
South Brunswick Public Schools
South Brunswick, NJ 08852

I do not know what it is called, for example, using Stored Grades Report, it has features of 'Copy', 'CSV', 'Excel', 'PDF' and 'Print' section. When I click on submit to get data on students who received 'F' and want to use these features to export the data, but it disappeared after I use 'submit'.

Also, I would like to use this 'Copy', 'CSV', 'Excel', 'PDF' and 'Print' for my other HTML and do not know which one to 'cut' and 'paste' from. Let me know. Thanks!

Ron Bye

I was able to track down the issue. And it's a pretty easy fix.

Edit the following file:

sData = $.trim(sData);

Change to:
sData = jQuery.trim(sData);


Perfect... I was able to export or print it now.

Ron Bye

Thanks Ron

It also solves the issue of not being able to sort tables dynamically by clicking on the column header. Thanks for the fix!

Roger Sprik

I have applied the edit to the file mentioned above and still cannot get the copy, csv, excel or pdf to work. I am using CPM and am wondering if perhaps I have missed some files in the scripts folder.

Barbara Moore
Technology Coordinator
Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Wilmington
1626 N. Union Street
Wilmington, DE 19806

On my main machine/bowser, I've had to keep Flash downgraded to version 9 to work with other systems I manage. I've found that in because of that version of flash, only the print button will work. Maybe it's the version of flash for you as well?

I imported CRB v 3.4.1 and the 3.4.1a patch using CPM. The Copy, CSV, etc. buttons don't work for me but I can sort by clicking on a column. I looked for the file you said to change sData = $.trim(sData); but I have the correct one sData = jQuery.trim(sData);

Any ideas?

Thank you.
Jo Anne

I have the change in place and it still doesn't print or export

I loaded the the Custom Reports bundle in October 2011 and all the reports that I have tried run correctly except for one problem... the Loading bar and shaded area that goes with it never go away. The only way I can use the data that is pulled is to do a "select all" and copy and paste the data into Excel.

Have you heard of this problem before and if so how do I fix it? I will delete and update all the files with the latest versions if that is what is needed, but I was hoping someone could suggest a less drastic solution to my problem. (I am hosted and using PS Version 7.1.2.)

Thanks for any help that can be given,

Yes this issue was fixed 4 versions ago. This is indicated in the version notes above. You do not need to delete the files. You can simply replace the files on the server if you aren't using CPM. If you are using CPM simply import the zip file and all the appropriate files will be updated.

I just imported the newest version and everything seems to be working fine, now. Thanks for your help.

Update...disregard the message below. I figured it out right after I submitted the question.

Brian, I'm having the same issue and can't resolve it. I just downloaded the latest files and added them to the custom>web_root folder. I was trying to just replace the files that directly affect the sql custom queries. I must have missed something. Can you tell me which files I need to replace to get this to work for me?

I recently installed the most recent version of the CRB and CRB-Grading. The lightly shaded screen and Loading.... does not go away. I have tried deleting customized pages from custom page management in PowerSchool administrator... No luck, any ideas or suggestions?

I would like to add Discipline_DurationActual to the report for each incident, and I am not having much luck. Can anyone help me please?
We use this report for disciplinary hearings. Thanks

I have edited the Log entry search and entered a new version next to the bundle one. I disabled the counselor(we dont use them). added the referring staff member. changed the dates to show action taken date range. for example if detention is given or a range of days, it will come up if my date choices overlap. doesn't matter when its entered just the action taken date and action taken end date. the only issue I have is I added incident type, and I need it to show the description and not the code. is there an easy way to do this, I am not a coder, but I can tinker some. I just want to add a decode or something when it displays it, there is no criteria request just yet.

Is there any way to get the Student Discipline Report to run by grade level?

Are you referring to the Log Report or the Incident Management Report?

Michael P. Moore
Student Information System Administrator
South Brunswick Public Schools
South Brunswick, NJ 08852

The log report. We are not using incident management.

We're having a problem with the Teacher Grade Distribution Dashboard. Clicking on a grade bar shows all the matches for that grade for every teacher, not just the one selected for the report.

I cannot get this report to run. It says Non-select tlist_sql filtered out after I select the store code. Does this work for everyone else?

Is there a way to have this report print with only active students?

In our district we would like to modify the above report to include the teacher name instead of the PG Category (or just add the teacher name). Can you help me with the SQL change to the report that would accomplish this?


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