Registrar Page Example

Created during multiple sessions at various PSUG events

The plugin alters the demographics page to become a registrar page. Various sections were added as chosen by the classes and include:

  • Demographics
  • Addresses
  • Contacts
  • Parents
  • Emergency
  • Ethnicity
  • Current Schedule - 3 options (Bell, List, Matrix) and the page will remember your preference
  • Scheduling Setup
  • Transfer Info
  • Misc - this section is the catch all for the original page.

Changes have been made so that it not works with PS 21.11



Jason Treadwell
Compatible PS Versions: 
CPM Import Friendly: 


Hi Jason,
I think seeing this would really help push people quicker to using the Contacts Screen, but currently our demographic screen and (many other places) has been modified so I cannot see how this looks. Can you please share a screen shot? Thanks!

Alison Blazey
Data and Systems Manager
KIPP NYC College Prep

It would be nice to see the legacy contact fields removed including;
-Parent Information
-Guardian Name & Info
-Guardian Email

-Contact #1
-Contact #2
-Contact #3

...or have an alternative plugin.

Thank you for sharing

This is AWESOME! I agree that removing the fields that Peter mentioned would be ideal! Thank you!

With the plugin enabled, staff that have view-only access to Demographics, are unable to see the demographics fields.

They click Expand All and no data displays for demographics. I confirmed page level permissions to that page both with the plugin enabled and disabled, and there is no difference in security permissions. Any idea why the data display disappears when the plugin is on? We LOVE the idea of this plugin especially for our registrars, but unfortunately have to turn it off until this would be resolved.


Is there any way we can pick and choose which screens we would like to see?

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