PTP Custom Log Pages

Adds a log entry screen to PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. After successful submission the teacher is directed to a list of log entries that they submitted about that student.

What's New in Version 2018.03.19
Can now edit own records.

The list page will only show a teacher logs where they are the author. Some extra detail does show up in the list which might be useful as followup information.

Change History
V 2020.11.10

  • Changes from various classes

V 2018.03.19

  • Ability to edit own logs if no consequence or view only if there is a consequence
  • Added back button if viewing existing record

V 1.0.2

  • Typo in the localization tag in the list page fixed

V 1.0.1

  • Initial Release


Jason Treadwell
CPM Import Friendly: 


Does this e-mail the log entry contact when a log is submitted like the stock PowerTeacher Log Entry page does?

I installed the plugin on my test server, then logged in on my teacher account. Then I input a few test logs. When I click on the 'Log Entries', the list I get shows the date of 01/01/1900. If I click into that log entry, all of my text that I had originally input is gone and the date of the entry shows as 'today' so it looks like I am in a new log entry screen. Did I miss a setting somewhere?


We're using this plugin everyday. However, there are these really random cases when an email won't send when a log is submitted. There doesn't seem to be any connection between these students so it's hard to track down the issue. There doesn't seem to be special characters or anything. I'm just hoping to maybe try something I haven't thought of for tracking down this issue?

Thank you!!

Hello. The plugin is working well, except the Log Entry List for the teachers. When I test it, it works great. The list is created with all of my test entries. I can edit them, or view them is I've assigned a consequence on the SIS side. But, when I log in the next morning the list has been cleared. There are no log entries. The entries are intact on the SIS side, but they have vanished from the teacher side. Any ideas?

Mike Norris, Ed.D.

I have had some teachers saying after we updated to 12.1.1 that sometimes the log entries are not submitting. Anyone else seeing this issue. I have others saying it worked just fine. Still trying to determine the problem.

Has anyone figured out how to get an email sent when a teacher submits a log entry? I'm not getting anything.

Mike Norris, Ed.D.

Hi, I am working on the stuff mnorris ( comment above ) had loaded into our system. We still have not been able to get email working.
I have narrowed it down to the jquery.ajax call for mailing. It appears to fail never sending email and the redirect back to the list page does not occur.
When I comment out the below code everything except mail works fine.
"ac": "mail",
"from": "~[displaypref:systemfromaddr]",
"to": jQuery('div#mailInfo #emailTo'),
"subject": "New Log Entry: ~([01]first_name;substring=1,1)~([01]last_name;substring=1,1) (~(student_number))",
"body": body
I am still learning how this works so just wanted to see if there is something I need to change. We are hosted by PS using their mailgun server for mail. Ajax documentation shows there is a lot more possible information for this data call including a mailing.json in their example.

Nevermind. I had a moment of clarity and figured it out. Awesome plugin. Meets our needs. /SRL

We are looking at this plugin to solve a problem for us and we are grateful to give this thing a test drive. Plugin is installed but I am trying to find where the configuration lives in the system. I guess I am being rather obtuse this morning. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again. /SRL

Stephen Law
Director of Technology
John Stark Regional High School
Weare, NH 03281

Hi guys, probably sound like a broken record but is there a way to make it so when a teacher submits a log entry from this page that someone on the admin side will receive an email? Not having any luck with that.
Thanks again!

My log list is pulling blank for students who have log entries. Any ideas on why?

Britney Page
Operations Secretary

I need more information to investigate this issue. If you would like to schedule a Zoom conference to review, please send your contact info to

Upon receipt I will send you some possible dates.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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