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There are many times when we need to find out where a student is at the current moment in time. Normally it’s a bit of a process where you need to search for the student, look at his/her schedule for the current date, figure out what period you are in, then figure out where that student is during that period. Well this alert makes it much easier. With this alert you can see exactly where the student is supposed to be at the current moment in time. If you are feeling ambitious you can give it to the teachers too, the teacher alert is included though you will need to update the student pages yourself.

You may install this as a plugin or unzip and install in the custom/web_root.

Change History
V 2.0 - Released 2009-02-24

  • Initial Release - find the non-plugin version here

V 4.0 - Released 2014-08-06

  • Initial Release of Plugin
  • No longer update title_student_end_css wildcard, now insert alert via page fragment. This cleans up the wildcard and keeps schools up to date on the latest version. Because of this the plugin will only work for PowerSchool versions 7.11 and later.
  • Use page fragment to insert into teacher portal as well. Thanks to Greg Myers for the starting point.


Jason Treadwell
Brian Andle
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The Find Me Alert is not working for newly enrolled students. It works on students that returned from the last school year. I have deleted and reinstalled the plugin twice. Any suggestions?

The Find Me Alert current time is off by one hour, making the use of this plugin useless. Is their a possibility of getting this plugin update to display the current time so we can use it again to find students. When working last school year, it became very relied upon and we would love to use it again. Thank you.

We're using Find Me and are hosted by PowerSchool. The time is spot on. You might check your server time settings.

Dan Morgan
PS Support
Saint Mary's College High School
Berkeley, CA

Thank you for responding, Dan. I got in touch with PS support and found out that my server settings time is an hour behind. They have opened up a case to get my server back up-to-date. Thanks again.

Is this plug in still functional?

Does anyone know where we can find an updated Find Me plugin. The old one we have isn't working with new students.
Thanks Ginger Hughes

The "FInd Me" link is now a built-in Powerschool option for each student.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

We are going through troubleshooting with support. Our student photos and the student header text are slightly overlapping in our admin portal. Support has said it may be tied to the find me code in our WildCards. I am extremely hesitant to touch anything dealing with code. Is there a update that I missed for this plug in? Or someone that can walk me through troubleshooting with the editable code in custom page management?

Thanks for any help!

C. Keegan
Supervisor of Planning/Research & Evaluations
Newmark Education


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