PSCB Custom Pages and Reports

PSCB Customizations is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to plugins previously posted on PowerData Solutions.

This ongoing project is the result of the collaborative efforts of Rob Staats, Manjit Basra and Michael Moore. Each member of the PSCB Development team has 14+ years of experience in developing PowerSchool custom pages and reports.

The goal/mission of the project is identical to the one used to establish PowerData Solutions. We simply want to take our customizations in combination with those previously posted on PDS to accomplish the following.

• Enhance, update and certify all customizations for use with the latest versions of Powerschool.
• Freely post the plugins and make them accessible to the PowerSchool community.
• Properly acknowledge all current and past contributors to the completed customizations.

A special thank you is extended to previous PDS contributors for their efforts in establishing PowerData Solutions as a depository for PowerSchool customizations. PDS contributors include Jason Treadwell, Brent Johnson, Brian Andle, Tim Scoff, Matt Freund, Roger Sprik and Dean Dahlvang.

The plugins are freely posted and we encourage users to modify the customizations to meet the needs of their school district. Comments and suggestions are always appreciated.



Can you put security and access on the reports. Some reports run for the district but our users should not be seeing this, or its a report they should not run, just a district report. Is there a security function or is it looking at role?

You can use page permissions to establish which security groups have access to PSCB customizations and reports.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

What is the quickest way to give a group access to all the PSCB Custom Reports that I have? For building principals (who generally have view only rights to pages), the only way I found to do it is by turning page permissions on, and then going to each report and giving them full access. I have to do that for every building and touch every report, and I have A LOT of your great reports. Seems like there must be an easier way, what am I a missing? Thank you.

Try applying group permissions to just the report menu page for each category.

pscb_attendance.html, pscb_contacts.html, pscb_enrollment.html , etc.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

Can you explain how to do that? I don't see any of those pages in my group's overridden page permissions. They can see the report but can't submit to actually run it.

Meghan Harrison
Operations Manager

You should contact Powerschool tech support for assistance.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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