PTP Alert List Report

Created at PSUG National West 2022 by request

Adds a report to PTP that allows a teacher to see all the stock alerts for any 1 section. If a teacher attempts to print the page it will not print medical alerts.

This was done in the last 5 minutes of class and doesn't look perfect but gets the job done.

**Note: $j bingo no longer attainable via this report, that stays just in the class

PTP Roster with Tracks report

A simple PowerTeacher Pro page that adds a new option in the reports charm for a roster report that contains tracks. This was a quick report made in the Putting It All Together class at the November 2020 Virtual PSUG class and would likely want to be extended to view more information.

This report also utilizes the css file from the PTP Cumulative Info Example. If you don't have that you'll only lose a little styling but the page will still work.

PTP Cumulative Info Example

A simple PowerTeacher Pro page that adds the cumulative info screen to the Students jewel in the gradebook. Contains comments in the file for learning purposes. Used in the PTP customization classes at PSUG events.

What's New in Version 1.0.0
This is the initial publication of the custom cumulative info screen for PowerTeacher Pro. If you've taken a PTP customization class at a PSUG event this is the first page we go over and has notes commented throughout.

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