Putting It All Together - Conditional Home Screen Message

In certain situations you may want to give users directions on how to search. This example can be used (and edited) to put in a message on the home screen whenever the user is searching for students.

Will work on the faculty search and contacts search pages when the user switches to students.

Made as an example, please change the actual message.

Example of:
- page fragments
- feedback messages (feedback-note specifically)
- moving an object with jQuery
- conditional show/hide with jQuery while waiting for Angular



Jason Treadwell
State (Only State Specific): 
Compatible PS Versions: 
CPM Import Friendly: 


Here is my actual text: To search for student by legal last name, use field name: StudentCoreFields.PSCORE_LEGAL_LAST_NAME= followed by the legal last name

Jeannie White
Edkey, Inc.

This is great, is there a way we can get a version like this for the teachers side? And potentially Student? We used to love using the banner functionality but with the new experience it no longer works. Thank you in advance!

Alison Blazey
Data and Systems Manager
KIPP NYC College Prep

This is not a PSCB customization. Jason Treadwell posted this plugin. He will need to respond to this posting.

Rob Staats
PSCB Development

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