International Schools

While this may not apply to most of you I wanted to put a message out to any districts from outside the United States and Canada. US and CA schools have a lot in common and in general get to handle things in a "standard" way. By standard I'm referring to the fact that the majority of PowerSchool districts are from either the USA or Canada. But what about those schools outside those borders? There is an international user who I would trust for your non-North American needs and that is Romy Backus. Romy is currently working at the American School of Dubai but has been working for schools using PowerSchool for years. If something is going to work differently for international schools, and for this purpose we'll assume any school outside the US and Canada borders is an international school, she's going to know about it and what's more important she lets everyone else know about it. I find the easiest way to keep up with her is to follow her twitter account @thepowerfrau. Here is an example of a recent post:

I don't know about you but I would not have thought Core or Core 2 would cause a problem for international schools (especially with everything being 4000 character text strings... but I'll stop before I go on a rant). So for all you international schools I recommend seeing what thePowerFrau is up to today. She may point out a solution to a problem you thought you just had to live with.


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