Duplicated “Custom Reports” tab has appeared after installing PS


I am new to using CRB and I’m not sure what to do. I see this was an issue before (2014 – 2106) but there are no recent posts.

We have made some additions to CRB but I’m pretty sure they are the cause because (1) A test environment without these recent changes has a duplicated "Custom Reports" tab, (2) When I back out recent changes the duplicated "Custom Reports" tab is still there, and (3) the tab didn’t appear until we installed the PS update last Friday.

Has anyone else seen this problem re-occur?

Any thoughts on how to solve it?


We are experiencing the same issue.


As suggested I downloaded the latest version of CRB and it did fix this problem. Because we have modified and extended some of these reports I had to figure out which files had changed (thanks to Beyond Compare this was pretty easy) and make the changes one at a time. What I discovered was that updating the following two files fixed the double tab problem.

  • admin\reports\reporttabs.crb.report.tabs.txt --> Fixes the double tab problem.
  • crb\customreports.html --> Fixes the custom report tool bar problem.
  • It’s always best to keep everything up to date but these were the key fixes for us.

    Eric Moothart
    Austin Sierra Consulting

    Eric, I am experiencing the same issue. What fixes did you apply to these 2 files to remove the double tab issue?

    Laura McBaine
    PowerSchool Admin
    Northwestern Regional 7
    Winsted, CT

    Happpening here as well!

    Marcia Pereira




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