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I have an interesting problem with two custom home pages we created in PS. We are a CTE school in Oklahoma, and juniors and seniors come from sending High Schools to our Technology Center. We set up two separate custom home pages for the schools to log into to see their student's attendance and grades. One home page was for the attendance secretaries at the sending school to get the daily attendance and the other was for the school counselors to get grades and attendance. We stripped everything else out that we could so that the sending schools could not access anything else in our PS instance.

The attendance home page shows a roster of the students that were absent or tardy that day from that sending school. The grade home page does the same thing, but adds a roster of the all the students from the school and their current grades.

The problem we are having is that when the first sending school logs into our PS (using unique login credentials), they get the correct info on the daily attendance. But, when the next school logs in to our PS, and lands at the same custom homepage, they get the list of the first school's students, not theirs. If they refresh the page (F5, Ctrl+F5, click the browser refresh button), then they get their correct list of students. So, it seems that the page is caching the previous school's attendance list, and not refreshing when another user hits the page. The grade page has the same code in it for this, so same problem.

So, is there code that we can add to the custom home pages to make them auto-refresh/clear cache every time a user hits those pages? I don't like asking the users to hit refresh until they get their correct info on the list. I have tested this across multiple PCs, OSs, and browsers, and it still has same problem. If I need to post the code for one of the pages, let me know. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.

What do you have in your page head tag?
Make sure ~[wc:commonscripts] is there.

I checked for that piece of code, and yes, I have that in there. Thanks for trying to help though!


var pref=1;




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