CRB Plugins not installing properly

Many people have stated that they have had issues installing the plugins. Some have said they were able to install SQLReports4 as a plugin without any problem. Other have found no work around. Yesterday I worked with a school who found that they were able to install the plugins if they downloaded from a windows computer rather than their mac. Once this was revealed to me it seemed like I should let people know in case you are also having issues.

You can download from a Mac. I work solely on a mac and I have no problems. But I don't use Safari as my primary browser, instead I use Chrome. Firefox is my 2nd choice. Safari a distant 3rd. In my recent experience when I download a zip file with Safari it is automatically unzipped so all I see is the contents of the zip. This doesn't happen with the other 2 browsers and I believe can be turned off in Safari. If you are using a Mac please make sure you download and try to import a zip file, not the xml file inside that zip file. The XML is only the part of the plugin that tells it what to show in the installed plugins list. It is not the plugin itself. The entire zip file is the plugin and that is the ONLY thing that should be imported into the plugin management section.

Hopefully that helps some of you find your issue.


I was not aware of importing the Zipped file, and imported the xml. I then manually put the corresponding folder into the correct location of the web root. It worked as expected. But, as I was doing this, I thought it was rather silly I was needing to this. This explains the error and will making installing plugins in the future much easier! So, it is possible if Safari unzips the file. It is just a lot more work!

I was originally donig the same thing: extracting files into directories manually. I went through and removed those files and then tried importing the zip file itself but still have not had any luck with getting the tab to show up unfortunately. After installing the plugin via zip file, the files dont show up in the directories like they would if you browse the folder structure of the zip file.

When trying to install the .zip, I kept getting invalid file type (Firefox 28.0). On a whim I tried in Chrome and it worked.

Adam Matthews
PowerSchool Systems Administrator
Maple Leaf Education Systems

I find it best to stick with the latest ESR version of Firefox to avoid problems.

Greg Myers
Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill

Yep. Same here. Latest Firefox no go. (Using Mac). Chrome works.

Dave Brubaker

I'm in North Carolina and have installed the 4.0.1 CRB but when I look for the reports I don't see any and don't see a tab for them. I've also tried just installing the CRB for Grades because that is what I really need right now, but I can't find those reports or a tab for them either.

North Carolina has added an SqlReports 4 tab could this be the problem?

Did you ever find the root of the problem on this? I am having issues finding 4.1.1 CRB to show up. Any ideas?

I am having the same problem. All plugins are installed but Custom Reports tab does not show.

Trying to install the EPP back in after an upgrade to 8.3.0 and it keeps having error issues. Basically the messge reads Errors were found during plugin installation... and then it shows details of problem files.
- Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/gurardian/iconPasswordReset.png
- Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/gurardian/iconAccessLog.png
- Plugin file contains a file that already exists: web_root/gurardian/mobile/scores.html
...and so on

Do I have to overwrite these one at a time?

We installed the reports are in our custom reports with no problem. However when you click the Custom report tab we get the error Failed to retrieve report list.Response Status:parsererror. You then have to click rescan and reports will then appear. Talked with other schools in our area and they do not get this error. Any help with this error message would be most appreciated. Thanks!

I am receiving the exact same error and I have two [Custom Reports] tabs

We are receiving the same error at multiple locations. We too have to click the Rescan Reports button and the reports will come back. Unfortunately the button does not appear for all users. I have several schools that can now not access the reports. Suggestions please.

I am first time trying to install the CRB 4.2 and I received this error.
I did use the zip file to try and install

Errors were found during plugin installation.
Plugin file contains an unrecognized file: CRB_base_4_2_1/plugin.xml

Suggestions on how to proceed. Thank you!!!

Janet Lewis

I have been wanting to use this plugin. I have installed it but when I click to enable the plugin this is the error I get
U_SectionsUserFields.xml: Cannot remap field max_load_status in non custom field table Sections

What do I do?


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