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Some people have been wondering how to get their custom reports they built into the new CRB. I'll try and give some instruction here.

First, the problem. The reason your reports aren't automatically in the new CRB is that we moved the files to a sub folder. In the old CRB the reports were all in /admin/reports/[tab name]. We could have kept that location but then all the people who imported into Custom Page Management (CPM) would need to manually delete all those files one by one. That's a very time consuming task and one that the plugins will prevent in the future. But we wanted to make it as painless as we could for the CPM users and so we followed the advice of Matt Freund and moved all the files to a new location so that you would only need to delete a few files. To keep things simple we moved them to a subfolder of the folder they were already in. The new path is /admin/reports/CRB/[tab name]

Moving files in custom/web_root
If you use the custom/web_root method for your custom pages here is what you'll need to do.

  1. Copy your custom files from the folder they are in. If you have several within the same file you can move them all at once
  2. Paste them in the same folder within the CRB folder. So /admin/reports/attendance/jasonsreport.html becomes /admin/reports/CRB/attendance/jasonsreport.html
  3. Repeat for each folder

Moving files in CPM
If you use the Custom Page Management method for your custom pages here is what you'll need to do.

  1. Find the first file you want to show in the tabs
  2. Copy all of the code that makes up that file
  3. Create a new file in the corresponding CRB folder with the same name. So /admin/reports/attendance/jasonsreport.html becomes /admin/reports/CRB/attendance/jasonsreport.html
  4. Open that file in CPM. Note that creating a file doesn't automatically jump to that file. You need to select it once its created or you won't actually be updating the right location
  5. Paste the code you copied in step 2
  6. Publish
  7. Repeat for each report

What about updates?
Updates to each plugin will no affect your custom page. Moving to plugins allows us to now mass delete files in CPM and mass add files in CPM when we need to without having to delete each file one by one. But deleting the plugin doesn't delete the folder so the file(s) you add are safe.

If you create a file and a future update adds a new file with the same name then the plugin will not install. It will warn you that the file already exists and to remedy that (by either removing that file from the plugin or removing the existing file from CPM). This is a huge improvement because the old method of importing into CPM would blindly overwrite any files in its way. So if we added a file to the bundle that matched your custom file name it'd simply overwrite yours with ours with no warning at all. Now you have to choose which is a much safer way of doing it.

I hope this explanation helps those of you who made your own reports into the bundle. If I'm missed a step feel free to comment below.


This allowed me to put back in the logs that we use constantly. Thank you for all your hard work and your easy to follow instructions!

Just remember that when the updated logs reports come out as their own plugin you'll need to manually remove the ones you just moved. Hoping to do that in the next couple of weeks.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist


I've installed everything, but the old version is still showing up. What am I doing wrong? I've tried the info above with trying to create duplicate tab but it says "file already exists".

File already exists indicates you are either not moving to a subfolder of CRB or you are trying to move files that are part of the bundle. These directions were ONLY for reports YOU built, not ones you got from PDS.

But more importantly you say "the old version is still showing up" which would suggest you are still seeing the old CRB not the new one. In that case you aren't ready for these steps anyways. You first must have the new CRB showing to know it's installed correctly. If you see the old tabs then the first place I'd look is for a custom version of /admin/reports/reporttabs.html. In the old version thats the file that had to be edited to put the new "Custom Reports" tab at the top. Now we don't edit that file anymore and neither does sqlReports4. That'd be the first place i'd look. But don't try migrating your custom reports to the new version if you still are seeing the old.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Did you get the Logs updated yet? I have a new district that has not had the old CRB installed. I copied the files for the Log Reports from a non-plug-in instance on another server. I updated the urls in the logs.html file to point to the new CRB folder location, but when selecting the links and running the reports, they are not rendering correctly. Not sure what I'm missing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

I initially installed CRB through CPM. While I was at the SE PSUG Conference, I was able to replace this CRB with the new version as a plugin. I did encountered some problems, but finally was able to see and use the reports. I installed the additional files as plugins. However, I still do not have any discipline reports. What do I need to do to get these reports to show up?


I installed the CRB plugin but have had no success. I am not familiar with Powerschool Administrator so that is limiting me to complete this upgrade. Does anyone have step by step directions on how to go into the root, which root or file to edit or delete in order for the new CRB to work. Currently all of my custom reports are not working due to PS making a change to my data but cannot explain why they are not working. If anyone has the time and patience to work with me on this, It would be appreciated.

Patricia Butler,
Information Systems
King William County Public Schools

Patricia Butler,
Information Systems Specialist
King William County Public Schools

I am trying to update our Custom Reports Bundle (version 3.4.2). What is the best plan of action? I have read several articles, but would like the best approach as I am very new to this.

Lori Eastin
Cartersville City Schools

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