Cool Enhancement idea

Brian noticed a cool enhancement request and I thought we could help you find it a little. Chris has posted a picture of what he's suggesting (a very nice picture btw) on PowerSource so go there to see what he means. It's a good idea, I like it. Lets vote it up so it catches Pearson's attention! Details of the enhancement request is below

Who: Christopher Moggia
"Attached is an image of my suggestions for a more advanced quick export. I suggest a scrollable list of the exportable fields, organized by tabs by category (e.g. students / courses / staff / school, etc.). The user would need to simply double-click on a field or drag and drop onto the actual export box instead of having to type each field by hand.

I also would like the ability to save a series of previously entered queries since its basically the same 10-12 exports I do on a regular basis. Instead of copying and pasting from a saved word document, which is my current workflow, having some saved quick exports templates would be nifty.

I also added a "Selected Field Description" box since with so many fields ( greater than 500?) it can be quite confusing which field is which.

Brilliant, eh? "

Where to find it:

mock up of Advanced Quick Export


this looks AWESOME! Definitely voting it up and suggesting it to other people as well.

Two thumbs up! I wish I could vote multiple times on PowerSource.

Dan Morgan
PS Support
Saint Mary's College High School
Berkeley, CA

This is wonderful - love it!

Marie Prescott

I'm there with my vote. I'll spread the word to MO_PSUG to get more votes.

Beth Blackwell
PowerSchool Administrator
Pattonville School District

wow... !! I go for that :)

Great ideal


I like it too, but would still want the ability to type in things in the export box - such as data access tags.

Great idea! This would make a system administrator or anyone that writes reports life much easier.

Is there any way to include the Student Number when running this report?

Elizabeth Moore
EMIS Coordinator
Westerville City School, Westerville Ohio

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