Common Extras

A few small customizations put in the same plugin. These are things I found came in handy on different servers. This was made years ago but was recently discovered to be missing from the page so I'm adding it back upon request. There may be other plugins that have some of these pieces, I've seen some of these pages separately on various servers.


  • Staff Login History page - Displays the login history of the user you are currently looking at within the staff record
  • Limited Security Page - In the staff area adds a slimmed down version of the Security Settings page. Allows for reseting username and password for both PowerTeacher and PowerSchool, enabling/disabling sign in, Changing default security group. If user is not in group 9 they can not assign group 9 or take away someone else's group 9. Change to your own super user group number.
  • Current Logins Page - Expanded detail of the currently logged in users (this was made a long time ago, I'm not even sure if PTP existed yet, the gradebook portion may need work)
  • Customization Page - Remove the button to turn off all customizations at once if customizations is on.
  • System Settings Page - Turn the Customization link into text only if customizations are on, no need to turn them off we have plugins now
  • DDE/DDA - Force school filter if not DO (PSU for NC schools), add 3 more search rows
  • Execute Command - hardcode in **setuphtmlwcs to force new custom pages to be found


Jason Treadwell
Compatible PS Versions: 
PS 8+
CPM Import Friendly: 


Much appreciated!
Thank you!


I installed this because I love the idea of limiting security for those outside group 9. I installed the plugin and signed in as a secretary (group 2) but I didn't see the limited security page in her account. It was the same as normal. Is there something else that needs to be done besides installing and enabling? Thanks!!

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