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I installed the reports bundle on our powerschool server.
The reports won't load and we need help please.
The custom reports tab is there.
Under it says Loading reports with the red x.
Custom Reports Settings
Links open in new tab with the small box Off Use Dynamic or static Report Menu: with the small box Dynamic (but no static choice)
Rescan Reports
We do have a server array with load balancing.
Can you help us please?
You can email: and
or call: 918-299-4415 ext 2330 or ext 2404

We just put 7.8 on our test server. None of my Custom SQL reports will run. I created a simple sQL inquiry ... Select lastfirst, grade_level, gender
from students
where enroll_status=0
and I get:
Selection Query with param replacement
Test Sql
~ [tlist_sql;Select lastfirst, grade_level, gender from students where enroll_status=0 ;]
~ (1)

~ (2)

~ (3)


We are getting the same problem.

Did you ever receive a resolution from PDS as to the what the workaround to this issue is? We just upgraded to 7.8 and are experiencing the same issue.

Have you been able to resolve this issue? Does installing the new bundle do the trick?


I am having the same problem. Using PS version 7.8.1.

I am using the enhanced parent portal and loving it. I have added some pages and when the submit button is hit on any pages after the first on using IE nothing happens. I ma hoping you might have a solution for this or be able to point me in the right direction.

Thank you for all your help.

Terry Morrow
USD 345 Seaman Schools

We have a couple of high school sites that have complains about the Usage/Combination report. They are stating that to change a locker combination for one student takes about 3 to 4 minutes to complete the transaction. At this time of the year it becomes very time consuming when working with a large number of student lockers that need changed.
Is there anything that can be done to make this process run quicker?

Thank you.

Kathy Grandstaff

I have installed the custom reports bundle on to our powerschool
instance and we are very pleased with it. I am just getting an error
when running the Alert Lists report. I thought maybe it was because we
had no active students, but I changed the status and it did not make a

Here is the error I am getting. Any help would be appreciated.

Data tables warning (table id = 'Data Tables_table_1') Requested unknown
parameter '1' from the data source for row 0

Hi there...we have always used this report without issue. I just ran it, and a teacher who has NOTHING in his gradebook (yes, it is the 3rd week of school) did not show up on the report.....any ideas?
Thanks, Brooke

We are running 7.8.1 we have not been able to edit our Custom SQL Reports that we created last year. is there are workaround to be able to edit on the SQL tab within PowerSchool or do I need to go into the page on the server? If this is the case, where would it have been created?

Thank you,


Came across the Treadwell Method on PowerSchool Forums. is there a way to apply this to a 5th year student that was in grade 10 for 3 years! I am trying to create a unique transcript just for him. Can I input credit type for each term id and have it produce a chronological transcript. This has been an ongoing headache w/Pearson for more years that I care to admit. We need a transcript object for retained students. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great

HI Jason,

I'd like to talk with you about performing a PS customization for us. Our High School Principal would like to have some additional fields added to the List Class Detail contained in the Custom Report Bundle. They would like to also see primary disability (va_primary_dis_code), ell services cod (va_lep_serv_cd), and the main parents (cnt1) phone number.

Could you let me know if you could do that for us, how much you charge, and an estimate on the time it would take you to do so?

I have a feeling there may be other reports they would be interested in having you develop as well, as they are statistic crazy. :-)

My email is, phone 540-677-4253 ext 19120. Could you let me know if you're available to do this for us?


Kandi Montini
Winchester Public Schools
Winchester, VA

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