Class Attendance Enhancement V2_1

NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PS 7.2. Download link has been removed until a updated version is available.

The pages included in this package improve upon the class attendance page modified by Jason Treadwell, Tim Scoff and Roger Sprik to allow Teachers to enter meeting attendance comments for Students. New in v2: Adds Student Photos and Alerts

When Teachers go to take attendance they will notice 2 submit buttons. Submit and Submit w/ Comments. Here is how it works;

Click the Chair on the main PowerTeacher page.
Select the appropriate attendance code(s) and set for the student(s).
Note - You can only enter comments for student who have an attendance code.
Click Submit if you do not want to enter a comment.
Click Submit w/ Comments and you will have the ability to enter comments for which ever student you want. Click Submit.

Here is an example;
Jonny is tardy to class. You mark Jonny Tardy and want to put a comment saying he’s 10 min’s late.
You can use the Submit w/ Comments button to bring you to a page to enter a comment.

(2/23/2012) Added PS 7 version. PS 7 version is CPM Import Friendly.

V 2 (3/28/2012) Added Show/Hide student photos to the left of the student name. For subs the photos default to showing.
Added a alert icon when a student has any one of the 4 stock PS alerts. Clicking the icon will popup a dialog box that shows the alerts for the student. Alerts do not show for subs, only Teachers.
Added PDS version info link to the bottom of the screens like EPP.

V2.1 (4/3/2012) Added missing classattcomment.html file.

Thanks Brian Sullivan for the idea of matching on student name.

Caveat: This customization relies on the student name to match photos and alerts. If you have a student with the exact same last, first middle name then you'll have issues. My response to this is how do you know what student you are taking attendance for if the names match exactly. The name match is done on the section level not school.


Brian Ande
Tim Scoff
Jason Treadwell
Roger Sprik
CPM Import Friendly: 


1. Can you print out attendance on students with comments?
2. Are these comments visable by anyone other than teachers IE: Parents/Students/Admin?
3. Can they be exported?

1. There are no stock reports but if you use the bundle there are reports in there.
2. Parents stock no, Admin if you use One Stop or Report Bundle yes.
3. Yes, the comments are in the attendance.comment_value field.

Hi all: This is great, I was wondering if....
1. There could be a show/hide option for the 2 panels on the right and the one on the bottom (with default being show). I have teachers who take attendance with computers that are projected and they'd like some of the items having the option of not being seen (but the LOVE the info they provide).

2. On the bottom panel, under the column "Daily Attendance" - presently it's showing the 'code' (Ie: present v. absent) - could it possible show the attendance codes (ie: tardy, field trip, guidance...whatever you have set up)? and - although I know I'm pushing my luck - could it show comments?

Thank you for all the great work!

Farmington Public Schools

1. I have had a similar question asked before and I explained that in no way shape or form should a teacher EVER project a PowerSchool/PowerTeacher screen. Even stock the screen shows a students attendance code that's set by the office and in which case they are violating FERPA by showing the class this information.

2. It's against FERPA for a Teacher who does not have a student to see detailed information like a specific attendance codes. The screen was changed for this specific reason to only show the presence information.

I can't remember which customization I downloaded but when I log on as a teacher and go to the attendance summary and the assignment summary I still get version 6 pages. I have looked and have not found the updated pages I need. They are teachers/attsummary.html and teachers/assgnbyterm.html. Do you know where I can find these updated pages? I wasn't sure which customization dealt with these.


Kelly Schmidt

Where do I download the newest version? I don't see a file here...

This customization is not compatible with PS 7.2 and the download link has been removed.

Okay - thanks!

I think this is the custom that let my teachers see the absent list for the whole school? do we know when this will be fixed? Is there another way to display this information for teachers?

I haven't had a chance to update the page to include this information and am struggling on where to put the content without making the page look busy.

You can use this customization if you are using daily attendance.

Any word on when the updated version of this report will be available?

Melissa Tront
St Joseph County ISD

Any word on when this will be updated? We are using PS 7.2.3 We really are looking for the section that says "These are the students from this school who are listed on the Daily Attendance Bulletin." and the section "These are the students from this period who are listed on the Daily Attendance Bulletin." to be visible on our class attendance page...or someplace on the teacher side.

Erica P.

I would be willing to work on updating this, but would need to original files.

Valorie Branstool
Systems & Database Administrator
Yukon Public Schools
Yukon, OK 73099

Hi. we still have this page working in 8.10 but it aint pretty. Any ideas on when it may be updated. In the meantime, I am not sure what pages to remove to get rid of it.
Any help would be appreciated.
classattendance.html is not the custom page but I do see AttendanceToday.html, attsummary.html, attsummarydates.html and assgnbyterm.html taht are cusotm pages under teachers. thanks again

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