AUGIE Dashboard System PS 7

These set of custom pages allow user to quickly create dashboard items by simply entering sql statements using the PowerSchool web interface. You can create 4 types of Portlet’s; Chart, Lists, Validate and External. There are 5 premade portlets you can import to play with and customize.

Add the following code to the wildcards\admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt file where you would like the link to show.

~[]<a href="/admin/chartsystem/home.html">AUGIE Dashboard</a>[/] is importable by using CPM. All other files are simply example files to get you started.

The file is only intended for PS 7.2+ systems.


Brian Andle
Shane Thompson

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 


Where do I find the 5 examples?

Max Bowie
Data Applications Specialist
Colonial Beach Schools
Colonial Beach, VA

Added for download

thanks, Brian!

Max Bowie
Data Applications Specialist
Colonial Beach Schools
Colonial Beach, VA

Drag and drop portlet not working. Any ideas?

The dashboard uses Yahoo YUI which is from a external site. So maybe you're blocking Yahoo?

Yahoo not blocked. Any other ideas?

My only thought is that the yui library isn't being loaded. Did you try a different browser?

Your link says <a> instead of necessary </a>. This was the problem.


Trying out the AUGIE dashboards.
The portlets start to render but not find any data to display. Any ideas on what to twiddle? These are the samples only so using the provided SQL.

Also, charts were initially coming up as 404 errors (the sample portlets were set to use ChartTemplate.Html but the template installed was actually .html).

Rechecked the upload to see if anything was missing. The only thing that I can't seem to get into CPM are the two Thumbs.db files (one in admin\chartsystem\assets and another in admin\chartsystem\assets\css). Importing did not bring these files in and .db is not an 'approved' file type for the Upload File option in CPM.

Any idea if the .db files explain the 'not data to display' message?


I added the code to wildcards\admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt (shown below in between the regular dashboard and special function) but it is not showing up. Do I need to change it somehow to make it show up? Place it somewhere else? Any help would be appreciated.

<li><a href="/admin/dashboard/index.html?context=~[]Server[/]~[]School[/]" id="navDashboard" title="~[text:psx.txt.wildcards.admin_nav_menu_left_css.view_dashboard]">~[text:psx.txt.wildcards.admin_nav_menu_left_css.dashboard]</a></li>
~[]<a href="/admin/chartsystem/home.html">AUGIE Dashboard</a>[/]
<li><a href="/admin/functions.html" id="navSpecialFunctions" title="~[text:psx.txt.wildcards.admin_nav_menu_left_css.view_special_functions]">~[text:psx.txt.wildcards.admin_nav_menu_left_css.special_functions]</a></li>

Nevermind I figure it out. I need to look at the code more careful before I copy and paste.

Just a quick question - my Augie charts (7.2) work fine with Firefox (Mac and PC) and Safari (Mac) - but Chrome does seem to populate the portlet menu and thus does not display the charts. Any one else seeing this ?


Please disregard - appears to be a Quicktime related issue for some reason

I imported the zip charts folder on my test server and started building my custom charts for discipline however when I load it on the production server the custom reports that I have now imported do not appear when I go to drag to the chart area. Any thoughts. The servers I have tried are self hosted and PowerSchool hosted. Any thoughts?

So after some testing it appears to be blocked due to the SSL on the PS Server. If I take off the SSL then the charts work as expected. Does anybody know what is needed or have time to tweak to have it work for servers that have SSL? Thanks!

I had the Augie Dashboard provided within my school district last year, but this year I am at a new school district and wanted it to be a part of our administrator log-in. I am not too sure what I need to do in order to provide the AUGIE dashboard for myself and administrators. Can anyone help me out?

Shama Joshi

I have installed Augie, imported one of the sample portals, and when I click on it all it says is Add Widget. I don't see any widgets. What am I missing?

Gloria Ormsby

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