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We love the Attendance Today customization, but we use custom fields that don't match up to the demographic field for Home Phone. When I tried to replace the field name for home_phone with our field name, then saved and published the customization, it doesn't return any data for the entire query - the header rows are there and the correction I made on the header name from "Home Phone" to "Phone Number" is there, but no attendance data is showing; however, once I change it back to "home_phone" for the field name, then save and publish all of the data is returned.

I can understand it not returning any data for just the column of the "Home Phone" field if it doesn't like the field name I changed it to, but it acts like the customization is broken with that field name change and it will only display the header fields but no data, not even the student name or parent names.

Any ideas on why it react that way to a field name change? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!
Janne Goetz
Idaho Arts Charter School
208-463-4324 ext 452
PowerSchool V 11.0.3

Hi Janne, we are having the same issue with some new DB extension fields. Did anyone help you with putting the custom fields into the customization? I would love to get this working for our schools again - they miss it terribly.

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