Teacher Recommendation Enhancement

Currently when a Teacher goes to enter a Student Recommendation the auto complete lists all courses in the district. The course can even be active or inactive.

This customization modifies the auto complete to only show the currently active course list for that students next_school.

Mobile Pages Enhancements

Resources for Mobile Pages presented at PSUG Las Vegas. Note for first Monday evening session attendees... the issues we had with Stored Searches and Selections were a file that was misnamed. The Flash Drive has a file in admin/mobile named cuselection.html and it should be named curselection.html. This zip file has the filename corrected.

Updated the \admin\schoolsetup\mobilesettings.html to reflect recent changes in PowerSchool.
Made CPM import friendly.

Congratulations to CO-PSUG

Congratulations to the Colorado League of Charter Schools on a very successful 2nd annual PSUG-CO Conference! I look forward to next year's event.

Grade Verification 5 RC 1

Notice - Users of the PDS Grade Verification may want to look at switching to the stock Grade Verification (aka In Progress/Completed Button) that’s in the Gradebook and is reported using the Section Readiness Report (PT Admin) or Gradebook Verification Report (PDS Report Bundle) because the Parent/Student Apps show the In Progress/Completed indicator that is set in PTG in the newest version of the mobile apps.

Grade Verification for PS 7.0.3+

Seating Charts V 3.0.3

No longer needed for PowerSchool 7.2

UPDATED for PowerSchool 7 - 8/27/2011

Use v3.0.1 or higher for PowerSchool 7.

Seating Charts based on Flash. Not gradebook dependent, can be used by any PowerTeacher user. Thanks to FusionCharts.com for the flash object and their support of the PowerSchool user community. This is an advanced customization and relies on your ability to manipulate the PhotoFlag field in PowerSchool - NOTE: PhotoFlag manipulation is no longer required for 3.0.2+. Please read the documentation.

Find Me Alert

There are many times when we need to find out where a student is at the current moment in time. Normally it’s a bit of a process where you need to search for the student, look at his/her schedule for the current date, figure out what period you are in, then figure out where that student is during that period. Well this alert makes it much easier. With this alert you can see exactly where the student is supposed to be at the current moment in time.

North Dakota PSUG 2011

The ND PSUG has announced their 2011 conference coming in November. For more information visit https://blogs.edutech.nodak.edu/powerschool/2011/10/10/nd-psug-2011/


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