PSCB - Customization (Historical Grades Tabs)

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Version 1.4


This customization is an update/enhancement t0 the Historical Grades Tabs plugin previously published on PowerData Solutions.

The Historical Grades Tabs page includes:

Options to display historical grades by year (Tabs) or department (Drop Down Menu).

The SQLQuery has been completely rewritten to render the page at a faster rate.


PSCB - Custom Reports (Enrollment) *Updated*

The following reports are now available to run at the District Level.

Entry Enrollment Report
Exit Enrollment Report

PSCB - Customization (Student Attendance Pages) *Updated*

The following reports have been updated.

The Student Attendance Changes page now list both Daily and Meeting attendance changes.

PSCB - Customizations (Required Plugins)

The following plugins are required and should be installed first before using PSCB Custom Pages and Reports.

PSCB Customizations

PSCB - Base Resources

PSCB Custom Reports Bundles

PSCB - Base Resources
PSCB - Custom Reports (_Home Page)

PSCB - Customization (All Enrollments)

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Version 1.3


This plugin is an update to previous versions developed by Jason Treadwell and Manjit Basra.

The customization provides the following information

Detailed listing of all class enrollments.
Enrollment modifications are listed with Dropped By and Date.
Tabs included to select and view previous years.


PSCB - Customization (Student Test Scores)

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Version 1.9


This customization adds a Test Scores Summary link to the student navigation menu.

The page provides a detailed listing of all test score information. A filter is included to select and view individual test results.


PSCB Development Team
Rob Staats
Manjit Basra
Michael Moore

PSCB Custom Pages and Reports

PSCB Customizations is a collection of newly developed pages, reports and updates/enhancements to plugins previously posted on PowerData Solutions.

This ongoing project is the result of the collaborative efforts of Rob Staats, Manjit Basra and Michael Moore. Each member of the PSCB Development team has 14+ years of experience in developing PowerSchool custom pages and reports.

PSCB - Custom Reports (Grading)

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Version 2.3


This bundle includes 25 grading reports organized into two categories.

Grading - PT Pro Gradebook

PSCB - PowerScheduler (Validate Student Requests)

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Version 1.7


This customization appends Requests Totals, Cumulative Earned Credits, Recommendations, Test Scores, Currrent Year Gradebook Grades and Historical Grades to the bottom of the student's PowerScheduler requests screen.

PSCB - Customization (Quick Lookup Tabs - Assignments/Stats)

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Version 1.8


This customization adds two tabs to the Quick Lookup screen.

The Student Assignments page includes the following.

• A list of assignments, scores and codes for all classes using the current term display preference.

• A filter option to select and view assignments for a previous grade reporting term.


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