Enhanced Parent Portal V 3.3.2

Please Note;
Version 3.0->3.1.1 is only for 7.0.0
Version 3.1.2 is only for 7.0.1+

IMPORTANT - PowerSchool no longer allows students to edit their own student record. Because of this 1x Class Registration ONLY works when logged in as a Guardian. Students will have full Class Registration ability if 1x is enabled. I am unsure of what version this happened in, just fyi.

This is a new Parent Portal with more options for student screens.

Allows a school or district to show or hide icons on the public portal. The solution now cleans up the automatic e-mail page options when those options are hidden from normal view and displays a message when the grade & attendance page is hidden. Incorporates Roger Sprik's customization that allows a student to submit course requests just one time.

Stock PS pages that you can control;
Grades and Attendance
Score Detail
Score Detail Setup (Traditional or Traditional and Standards)
Historic Grades
Historic Attendance
Email Notification
Teacher Comments
School Bulletin
Class Registration
My Calendars

Added pages by EPP that you can control;
Grad Progress
Graduation Progress Setup (Grad proggress or Grad planer)
Demo Update
Honor Roll
Test Scores
Next years schedule (for in building grade changes)
Discipline Log
Access Log
School Info

V 1.0 - 2.X Changes included in documentation.

V3 (6/30/2011)
PowerSchool 7 Edition
-Updated ALL pages for PS 7 UI changes.
-Added an option to select at the school level if the Graduation Progress or Graduation Planner is used. By default Graduation Progress is used.
-Added an option to select the use of the stock Scores page or if you would like to use a scores page that that combines Traditional and Standards Assignment scores.
-Custom links on the left hand side in the guardian pages do not have icons at this time if you were looking for them. :)
-Removed Willington example for initial release.

V 3.0.1 (7/4/2011)
-Thanks to Joshua Schoeneck for modifying the EPP 2.x images to make them PS 7 compatible. Images for the links are now included.

V 3.1 (8/16/2011)
- Updated guardian_header and guardian_header_yui wildcards to correctly redirect on first logon. Also fixed unclosed span tag.
- Updated admin\schoolsetup\portals.html to correct first logon screen.
- Updated eppdialyredirect.txt to correctly redirect on first logon.
- Updated guardian\parentdemographics.html javascript to capture the Guardian name using a change in the FTL file.
- Added guardian\bulletin2.html so users can be directed to the bulletin on logon.
- Added \ftl\guardian\studentList.ftl. Added a hidden input to enable JS to capture the Guardian’s name easier.

V 3.1.1 (9/8/2011)
- Updated \guardian\scores.html fixed un-named if’s that cause all sections assignment scores to show.

V 3.1.2 for PS 7.0.1+ (11/8/2011)
- Updated guardian_header and guardian_header_yui wildcards. The random icon (demo update, class registration) not showing when it should when switching students should be fixed.
- Updated \guardians\Scores.html added the ability to see the Weighting of final average. (Thanks MT @Shelby for all the help testing)
- Updated admin\schoolsetup\portals.html to add on/off for the showing of the weighing.
- Updated the following files to correct the “String Key Not Found!” on 7.0.1+
o Luncbal.html
o Teachercomments.html
o Termgrades.html
o Requests.html
o Requestform.html
o Autuemailsetup.html
o Scores.html

V 3.1.3 for PS 7.0.1+ (11/8/2011)
-Updated scores.html and tgscores.html. The scores pages were not correctly handling assignments there were not published. This has been corrected.

V 3.2 (1/13/2012)
- All pages were touched in some way.
- Fixed issue where Class Reg’s submit button was off the screen.
- Fixed UI issues that become apparent on several pages after the PS 7.1 upgrade
- Added the ability to remove the download grades link used for Alleyoop and other websites.
- Added term weighting to the Grades History Score page.
- Added standards grades to Grades History Score page.
- Removed some code from the bulletin2 (first page of day) file that will hopefully clear up the error some people were getting. I never got the error in testing.

V 3.3 (2/29/2012)
- Fixed UI issues on ppstudentasmtlist.html.
- Added link to home.html for previous page if scores page is not disabled.
- Added mobile version of the parent portal. Files in \guardian\mobile\
- Added mobile detect code to home.html to redirect to mobile version of the portal.
- Updated tgscores.html and scores.html to fix future assignments not showing issue.
- Updated guardian_header and guardian_header_yui files to include version information. New clickable link will be added to the bottom of the page
- Updated all guardian files to add version information.

V 3.3.1 (4/12/2012)
- Updated redirect code on pages to handle if parent is denied access but student is allowed access.
- Fixed comment/section description wrapping issue.
- Class Request page now shows the next_schools name instead of the current schools name.
- Added a full year list schedule to the bottom of the My Schedule screen.

V 3.3.2 (7/30/2012)
- Updated district\home.html to include 7.2 data validation
- Updated wildcards to include 7.2 code
- Added Teachers Comments page back in to prevent students from bypassing the wildcard security.

Courtesy of Dan and tweaked by me: If you want to know when parents have submitted data right from the admin\home.html then you can add the following code;
~[tlist_sql;select CASE WHEN sum(ps_customfields.getstudentscf(id,'parent_verify'))> 0 THEN '<a href="students/home.html?selectstudent=parent_verify=1"><font color="#FF0000"><b>Address Verify</b></font></a>' END alink from students where schoolid=~(curschoolid)]~(alink;t)[/tlist_sql]


Brian Andle
Jason Treadwell
Matt Freund
Roger Sprik

PS Verions

CPM Import Friendly: 


Is there any way I can see what this screen looks like? In this new version, is there any way to be able to put a link to our Course Catalog (pdf) document on the class registration screen?

The Class Registration screen looks exactly like it does stock. You can add a link to you course page simply by editing the guardian\requestform.html page.

I just installed EPP. All the extra screens are great however the Demo Update icon is not showing on the Parent screen. I have checked the school and district Parent Portal Settings to make sure they are unchecked. I can see the icon and page in the custom folders. I have tried it with SSO enabled and without. Is there a setting somewhere that I have missed?
Thank you so much for your time.

You will need to enable the setting on the student level as well as per the documentation.

I appologize but I don't see any documentation in the download....

I apologize. I missed the documentation during the site move. You can now download the documentation.

After we did an upgrade I lost all of the enhancements. When I reinstalled in enhanced parent portal files, the parent demographic does not show up in the custom screens. It appears that all of the files are there.

Thanks for the updated version 3.3! In testing this we found that the Grades Last Updated On field only gets updated when the teacher records a traditional score in the assignment column. Our teachers ONLY enter a standards score in the standards tray and that doesn't get reflected in the parent portal under Grades Last Updated. Page = scores.html. It looks like it's using a field ~(LastGradeUpdate) with some logic. Is this something that is easily fixed? Thanks!

I would suggest making a enhancement request on PowerSource. The cc.lastgradeupdate field should really be changed to reflect entry of assignment standards scores.

Thanks Brian. I added a support case first, but expect it will be turned into an enhancement request. In the mean time parents are calling teachers and admins. I guess it will be a "education" issue.

You could remove that tag and just not even list it on the page.

As expected, I was told to submit an enhancement request. Please vote for enhancement id 3034 :) so the Grades Last Updated will reflect both traditional and standards scores. Thanks!

When you print the Quick Lookup/Scores (scores.html) page using the PS print icon, any section description that was copied into the gradebook appears as a single line and does not get wrapped appropriately. This also happens on the stock Quick Lookup/Scores page (scores.html). At PSU Orlando, Jason thought he might have a fix to this. Thanks.

Similar to this post from 2 years ago, we notice the same behavior on the teacher comments screen. Does anyone have a fix for this issue?

Could I upload the files to powerschool through the Custom Page Management system under PS Administrator?

Yes, anything marked CPM Import Friendly = Y can be imported directly. Images/Binary files will need to be uploaded individually due to a CPM flaw.

So I would just click Import/Export button and the select the unzipped folder. Then go back in put in the pictures and binary files correct?

NM, I figured it out. Just import the zip file.

Hi there - the documentation for EPP provides a link - www.powerdatasolutions.org/content/customization-basics. I cannot seem to find this. I was at PSU last week and took both courses - The Foundations of Customization and Introduction of Powerschool Customization, but wanted to have a look at the documentation here as well. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Marie Prescott

The documentation link references the old sites link. So I need to update that. You can find install instructions here: www.powerdatasolutions.org/content/how-install-customization-pds

We just upgraded to 7.1.2 last night and found that our Class Registration screen shows the "wait while the page renders" issue. We do have an image server but I've copied over both the stock and custom scripts and images folders several times now to no avail. I've got the most recent Enhanced Parent Portal customization on...do you have any suggestions for where I can look next? Thank you!

Carrie Newnam
Student Accounting Coordinator
Mid-Del Public Schools
405-737-4461 ext. 1300

Thought I'd put some updated information out there in case someone might be able to help...we are really stuck! When we did our upgrade, we had issues because our SIF server was left running during the upgrade. Before Pearson support discovered that was the cause of our upgrade problem, they had gone in and "truncated the ps.server_config and ps.server_instance files...I'm wondering if something with that would cause this issue?

Carrie Newnam
Student Accounting Coordinator
Mid-Del Public Schools
405-737-4461 ext. 1300

Does it work with customization off? If it doesn't then it's a PowerSchool issue, if not it's EPP.

Is there a way to add the entire zip file and/or do you need to load the files separately.

Marie Prescott

Thank you, Brian. I appreciate your help and patience. So very helpful!

Marie Prescott

Hi All:

I'm new here ... hoping someone may provide some help.

Recently upgraded to PS 7.x.x.x Still working out a few small bugs. Can't figure out why my menu pane in Student Selection view is being displayed like my old version of PS. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.


That would be from a PS 6 version of the \admin\students\more2.html file.

Thank you , Brian. Can I just import that page ?

p.s. William Parrott at PS is a big fan of yours.

You would need to extract the file from the zip and rename and then upload that file. We didn't keep it names more2.html because we didn't want to overwrite someones customized version.

Have you ever thought about going on the road? You guys are so great! Thank you for the documentation on uploading zip files, etc. I am trying to upload the EPP zip file, but the file does unzip when trying to do so. What am I missing? I am embarassed to put this out there - YIKES! Once again - thank you.

Marie Prescott

Got it!

Marie Prescott

I am wondering if anyone uses the EPP for re-enrollment for the next school year? We have a custom screen that we currently use, that we want the input from the re-enrollment process from the parent portal to flow through to. Any thoughts on this from anyone? Thank you.

Marie Prescott

The demographics change page can serve as a template to do something like that. If you aren't comfortable doing it yourself let me know but in general you can follow how that page works and do what you are looking for by expanding on it.

Jason Treadwell
Custom Solutions Specialist

Sorry, Jason, I did not even see this reply to my inquiry - thanks so much. I would appreciate some help to make this happen - just when you have the time. Thanks so much. I have created a custom screen - quite an easy task for sure, but have not been successful with the custom page. I am learning thanks to you guys!!

Marie Prescott

Hi Everyone - I have sent this off a few times, but am thinking that there may not be anyone who has the re-enrollment process available on their parent portal. Does anyone (Brian, Jason) know how to make this happen and/or what the scenario and/or coding might look like? Thanks.

Marie Prescott

Hi All - just looking at the demographic information that is showing on EPP - it is a bit jumbled and the phone number, etc. is not correct. Thoughts on this?

Marie Prescott

The fields you use for demographic information may be different then the stock fields. The demo update page included in EPP is only a example and it's based on the stock fields. If you use different fields you will need to rewrite the pages to match your setup. If you would like to hire PDS Inc to do this then you can contact sales@powerdatasolutions.org

You guys are great!

Marie Prescott

Thanks so much, Brian.

Marie Prescott

Thanks so much, Brian. I will see how far I can go with it first and then if further help is required, I will get back to you. I appreciate all of your help. I have sent you off an email, however, looking for potential assistance for another project. Once again - many thanks!!

Marie Prescott

Is there a way to change the coding on the My Schedule page so that it renders the entire year's schedule rather than a single term?


There is not, the PowerSchool tag is taken from the admin page and it doesn't seem to listen to the Default Parent Term setting.

I modified the guardian/studentsched.html for our server to display full year. It's based on the admin-side Schedule List page. I've posted it to the downloads above as "FullYearSched.zip"... It's a LIST view, that's the tradeoff, not as "pretty". - Roger Sprik.

We just migrated from PS 6.2.2 to 7.1.2; and also moved from our
standalone environment to Pearson Hosted. In 6.2.2 we were running the Enhanced
Parent Portal from PDS, using single sign on. After migration, I could log into
Parent Portal, but needed to update screens to the 7.x version. I downloaded
the most recent EPP package from PDS; enabled CPM in PowerSchool, and imported
the EPP package. Now, I get the message "the parent Portal is currently
unavailable. Please contact your school directly for assistance." If I turn
off customizations, I can log in; what do I need to do to fix this?

Mary Creed-Pallone
Nelson County VA Public Schools

We have the same problem, but I can upload the new version. I need to delete the file that aren't compatibles and then upload. Is that correct?

Isaira Diaz
Colegio Marista, Guaynabo, PR

Isaira Diaz

Hello everyone,

I just updated to EPP V3.3 and on the admin side under Custom Screens there are two Parent Demographic Change links on the left menu. How do I get that back to one?

Thank you,

Kathy Stainbrook
Computer Technician Student Information Manager
Centerville-Abington Community Schools
115 West South Street
Centerville, IN 47330
Phone: 765-855-3475 Ext 2193
Fax: 765-855-3815

Look under admin\students\studentpages. You should see 2 pages. One is not the correct one and will need to be deleted. After that run the "Rebuild Custom Page lInks" under Special Operations.

Thanks Brian,
I had a file called parentdemochange.html.bak I removed it and only have one showing up again.

Kathy Stainbrook
Computer Technician Student Information Manager
Centerville-Abington Community Schools
115 West South Street
Centerville, IN 47330
Phone: 765-855-3475 Ext 2193
Fax: 765-855-3815

I can not figure this out. I have the parent demographic update unchecked on the school and district parent portal setting pages. I still do not see it when I log in as a parent. Do you have a suggestion as to what I might check?

Jennifer Bocrie
Goochland County Schools
Goochland, VA


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