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Just wondering if anyone else has this issue.. Since the update to PowerSchool 10.1.4, Some of our tabs within the Custom Reports Bundle are missing. I can navigate to each of the pages via the HTML, and the custom page has not been changed in PS Administrator.

I can see the System and Report Works tabs. I am missing the State, Engine, Setup, Enterprise Reporting, and sqlReports 5 tabs. The tabs flash when the page is loading, then disappear. Also, they are there when I turn off customizations. I am new to customizing, so any help is appreciated!

We have Custom Reports Bundle Base Version 4.2.1.

Meghan MacDonnell

Since a recent PowerSchool update to 11, I cannot get parent verify to clear the demographics message. Even after parents submit and we verify and uncheck the box, the parent still cannot see grades. Can I shut this verify stuff off and just let parent see the grades?

Also, the image and notes at the bottom of the left nav bar don't work. I broke something!!!

Thanks, Marcia

Marcia Pereira

When I select a report in Enterprise Reporting I get the following message: "You are either not signed in to PowerSchool, or you do not have permission to view this page." I can't pinpoint when this started happening. Any ideas?

Jennifer Rhea, SIS Specialist

After updating the CRB I now have to tabs? Any idea how to get rid of one?

Ditto for me! Did you find a solution?

Best regards,
Kim Rizik
St. PIus X Catholic High School
Atlanta, GA

very new to power school and cannot seem to print a report with students names, attendance codes and comments. any help will be very appreciated

Daraujo, did you find out about the attendance comments. I was hoping that the 'one stop attendance' bundle would include the attendance comments. Let me know how I can reach you. would love to talk!

I installed the newest CRB 4.2.1 which gives me the Custom Reports Tab with the Setup sub tab. When I add additional plugins such as attendance, the content appears to be installing but the sub tab I was expecting to appear next to setup. Do the add-ons at version 4.1.1 work with CRB 4.2.1? I have the latest version of PowerSchool.

Lauren H Baker
Director of Information Technology
Two Rivers Supervisory Union
Ludlow, VT

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